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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh, how I've grown in fitness

I was lucky to have the opportunity to spend this last weekend at the Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar at I-FAST in Indianapolis. First off, I-FAST has recently moved and expanded and the new facility is great! Plenty of room for the weight smashers and a huge open turfy area for anything else. If you are in Indianapolis, I highly recommend checking it out. Bill Hartman gave both Michael and I a very thorough assessment a few months back, and Mike Robertson continues to handle all of my programming, which I love!

Jim, Sarah, Mike, me, Little Stevie, Molly, & Mike Robertson at I-FAST
I listened to a lecture from Pat Rigsby on how to build your fitness business. The guy is nothing short of genius on this topic, and even though it's not conducive with our company, (which happens to be Investment Banking), he still gave good advice in general in regards to running a business. If you are a fitness professional that personal trains, runs boot camps, or own a fitness facility, I highly recommend Pat's book, "The Little Black Book of Fitness Business Success." He gave us each a copy and I read the entire thing on the drive home. It's an easy read with absolutely fantastic advice on how to obtain new clients, keep the ones you have, and market yourself and your business.

I listened to a lecture from Rob Panariello on ACL rehabilitation. It was refreshing to hear a bunch of terminology that I haven't heard since I was taking Anatomy & Phys for my nursing prerequisites! This guy knows his stuff. He went over the different options for ACL surgery, things to watch for when recovering from it, and how to get your client/athlete back into the game post-op. It was excellent information and I really enjoyed it.

The lecture from Charlie Weingroff was quite dynamic. If you've ever heard Charlie speak, you'll understand what I mean. I'm not sure he inhaled once during the entire 90 minutes. He opened his presentation with a video of him squatting 800 lbs in full gear as a 220. He then focused the rest of his talk on the core and it's many components.

Listening to these speakers got me thinking about how much I've grown in fitness. If somebody were to ask me how to find a good trainer, my answer now would be completely different than it would have been 5 years ago. 5 years ago, I'd have recommended that you find a trainer that will kick your butt for an hour. Now there are many components that a person should take into consideration before hiring a trainer.
 A good trainer should be able to do the following:

1. An assessment.
How in the world are they going to strengthen your weaknesses if they don't even know what is wrong in the first place? A proper and thorough assessment is the foundation! You can't build a house without the foundation!

2. Corrective work.
The includes mobility work, stability work, and be able to recommend appropriate tissue work. If your trainer is able to tell you what is wrong, they need to know what to do in order to fix it.

3. Give room for progression.
Your program needs to have an intelligent plan for progression. This is how people get stronger, faster, leaner, etc. You do NOT get better by simply getting your ass kicked every session with a random smorgasbord of unplanned exercises. There needs to be a specific purpose for what a trainer is having you do, and no, "There were no other machines available" is not a good reason!

4. Help you meet your goals.
Your trainer should be aware of your goals and they should be able to tell you exactly how they plan to get you there. If you have some hairball goal that is completely unrealistic, a good trainer should have the courage to tell you where they realistically think they can get you.

Of course there are other qualities that make a good trainer, but I firmly believe that if they are not able to do the things listed above, you should look elsewhere. Certifications are great, but they don't always matter. I know people that carry elite certifications that are unable to do the 4 things listed, but I know people that do not have any certifications and they can! What it boils down to, is real world application. Anybody can read a text book, memorize the information, and pass a test... but not everybody can apply that knowledge. The same goes for certifications.

Remember, there is a big difference between just working hard and working smart. You want a trainer that will have you to work smart!

Like Rachel Cosgrove said: 
"More isn't better. Better is better."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vegas vacation: a pictorial.

Vegas was a whirlwind of spa treatments, delicious food, amazing friends, cabana at Tao Beach, a photo shoot, wine, shopping, Lake Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil's "Mystere", bright lights and traffic (that I oddly miss).  All of which was iced off by an amazing dinner at Texas de Brazil with awesome friends & family where I watched a handful of people eat more meat than I ever thought was possible. 

View from our room at Vdara in City Center
Chandelier Lounge at Cosmopolitan with the loveliest of ladies
Lounging at Tao Beach
Yoga segment of the photo shoot
My husband. I'm such a lucky duck.
I have the best girl friends ever.  Love them madly.
Cirque du Soleil's "Mystere".  Awe-inspiring.
The hilarious menu from my favorite "I Love Sushi"
How cool is this mirror? Must have.  Max Brenner in the Forum Shoppes at Caesar's.
Mike's breakfast s'mores pizza
Perfectly normal brother-in-law behavior.
My ride or die biiish.  Viva la raza!
My Muffy.  Love you, miss you, and love you.
Practical shoes?  Pfffft.  What am I, 75 years old? 
With Michael, my Strong(her) girl Kristal and beau Edgar
The men responsible for the meat shortage at Texas de Brazil
Best brother in the world
My bro, myself, and my husband.
Lake Las Vegas.  The city's best kept secret.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Trip(pin') to SLC: a montage. Part One.

Leaving the house to the Nashville airport

Organic turkey jerky & Jack for breakfast.

What??  I'm a nervous flyer!

9 hours of travel time later...
Still smiling.

The next day...
Scent sniffing at Nordstrom.
Narciso Rodriguez for the win!

Dinna with my family.
Awesome "fast food" place - best organic grass-fed beef & sweet potato baked fries.

At my aunt's house with pugs: Tashi and Mochi-Moo

Then to Happy Sumo for sushi.

Denver airport.

After 12 more hours of traveling...

Sweet, sweet serenity in Nashville.