My New Home Gym Workout Routine

Have you ever been stuck at the gym or at your home gym, not knowing what to do after your first set is completed? Far too many times I’ve seen this happen to myself and some of my closest fitness friends. The truth is, most of us don’t have a plan going into our workout.

So, in this short post, I want to give you my brand new home gym workout routine. Let’s begin!

Dynamic Stretch (Before the workout happens)

A dynamic stretch is not your static stretch where you reach down and touch your toes. Dynamic means get a sweat and work all of your muscle groups. The benefits of doing these types of stretches before lifting weights, or even running on the treadmill, can greatly boost your workout. However, the main purpose is to fire up your muscles that you are about to use, AND (a BIG AND), this is the start of your new workout routine.

The Ultimate Superset

A superset means you do 2 or more exercises combined, usually one right after the next. So, for this superset, we’ll do 3 sets, but each workout is assigned a different number of reps. Let’s check it out:

Bench Dips

This is one of my new go to workouts before I get into anything at the gym. This is the first of the superset exercises. 30 reps all controlled, no slowing down.

Med Ball Crunches

You will need a med ball for this exercise. We’ll get into a sit-up position holding the med ball straight up while we thrust up for a sit-up rep. 10 reps all controlled.

Box Jumps

The last of the superset is the box jump. This requires a box or a bench. You jump with both feet on the box and then jump off. 10 reps.

Now You’re Ready for Your Workout!

After you get your dynamic stretch in and your superset done with, you are ready for your workout. This routine should help anyone, at any level of fitness.

The Fitness Training Exercise Utopia

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all of my subscribers on Youtube and my loyal following for helping me get back on track with my fitness and training goals. Setting up your perfect fitness training journey starts with a plan, and I fully intend to coach, guide and help you get to your final destination.

Beauty Lies In Strength

Welcome to the Ultimate Fitness Training Exercise Utopia – a place where you can come to gain valuable information on fitness, health and nutrition. Taking care of our bodies is the most important step in gaining the ultimate health we want in our lives.

What may be an important part in your fitness journey, may not be for the next person. We all start at different levels, but the main takeaway is that we all have to start somewhere to reach our goals.

As a certified fitness instructor, I can tell you first hand that it takes guts, grit and focus to become a better version of yourself. That’s why this is the utopia. You will become the best version of you because beauty lies in strength!