3 Benefits of Choosing a Smart Home Gym (All-In-One Tech Gym)

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We are in the smart generation. We are a privileged generation. We have access to smart TVs, smartphones, and now intelligent gyms, but what is an intelligent gym? We call it a smart gym for being practical, complete, and accessible, with the latest fitness technology at your fingertips.

A gym that makes your life easier, without time restrictions, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, quality equipment in a good quantity, simple and straightforward, but without leaving attention behind. Fitness trackers already proved to boost your heart health, so what can technology with smart gyms really do for us?

Today, technology is an ally for everyone. Have you ever imagined a routine with a virtual instructor? That is already possible. It will no longer be a pretext for not exercising that you do not like equipment. The same technology will make your exercise more efficient and with faster results.

On the other hand, the simplicity and intelligence that a smart home gym offers you are that in one place, you can have access to a tanning booth and collagen, which have multiple benefits for your body and improve the beauty of your skin. In addition to this, you can have a moment of relaxation at the end of your routine with the massage chairs.

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Over the course of Coronavirus, there have been educational studies on how technology improves fitness and health. One can get all these benefits in one place and at an affordable price by choosing a smart home gym (an all in one tech gym). Here are three more benefits:

#1: Time Efficiency, Thanks to Technology

You will optimize your time: today, life for many is really busy, so it is important to know how to optimize time, and that is why Smart Fit can be your best ally. Technology in the fitness space has vastly improved over the years. COVID-19 was a major factor in brands creating more smart home gyms with A.I. technology, which really helps save time. Instead of going to the gym, just turn on your new fitness system and start working out.

#2: Results Matter

Less time and better results: It will not be necessary for you to train 3 hours a day or more to see results, with the smart home gym routine, only 25 minutes will be enough to have an efficient fat burning and, therefore, you will faster to the body you want to have.

workout results with smart gyms

#3: Variety of Workouts

Various fitness programming for your taste and comfort: for those who think that a gym is only for lifting weights, they are wrong. There are also a variety of workouts that can make your experience truly dynamic and motivating. Choosing and comparing smart home gyms is a very fun and exciting adventure. A great resource to find which one is right for is mentioned in this article. But, choose wisely because you are making a huge investment and you want to make sure you have a really good variety of workouts to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Today’s busy life makes it necessary to optimize time, but without ceasing to neglect your goals, that is why a smart gym can be the best ally for you. Now you don’t need to be in the gym three hours a day to see results. The smart home gym routine can be an alternative, since with only 25 minutes, you can have efficient fat burning and, therefore, you will reach the body faster than you want to have. We assure you that these 25 minutes are enough, take the test.

Attending an all-in-one tech gym is simply an activity that we all must do at least once in our lives. Losing pounds, relaxation, a healthy mind, physical conditioning, among many more benefits, make it really worth any effort. It is never too late to achieve a healthy lifestyle and feel good about yourself too.

My New Home Gym Workout Routine

Have you ever been stuck at the gym or at your home gym, not knowing what to do after your first set is completed? Far too many times I’ve seen this happen to myself and some of my closest fitness friends. The truth is, most of us don’t have a plan going into our workout.

So, in this short post, I want to give you my brand new home gym workout routine. Let’s begin!

Dynamic Stretch (Before the workout happens)

A dynamic stretch is not your static stretch where you reach down and touch your toes. Dynamic means get a sweat and work all of your muscle groups. The benefits of doing these types of stretches before lifting weights, or even running on the treadmill, can greatly boost your workout. However, the main purpose is to fire up your muscles that you are about to use, AND (a BIG AND), this is the start of your new workout routine.

The Ultimate Superset

A superset means you do 2 or more exercises combined, usually one right after the next. So, for this superset, we’ll do 3 sets, but each workout is assigned a different number of reps. Let’s check it out:

Bench Dips

This is one of my new go to workouts before I get into anything at the gym. This is the first of the superset exercises. 30 reps all controlled, no slowing down.

Med Ball Crunches

You will need a med ball for this exercise. We’ll get into a sit-up position holding the med ball straight up while we thrust up for a sit-up rep. 10 reps all controlled.

Box Jumps

The last of the superset is the box jump. This requires a box or a bench. You jump with both feet on the box and then jump off. 10 reps.

Now You’re Ready for Your Workout!

After you get your dynamic stretch in and your superset done with, you are ready for your workout. This routine should help anyone, at any level of fitness.